The Egyptian Air Force is the military aviation branch of the Egyptian armed forces. The Egyptian Air Force, since its establishment, contributed to most of the disputes that Egypt was involved in, such as the 1948 war, the war in Yemen, the 1967 war , The War of Attrition, the October War of 1973, and the Egyptian-Libyan skirmishes. Egyptian air force logo: "To Ala ... for glory". The current commander of the Air Force is the pilot team / Muhammad Abbas.  The Egyptian Air Force currently has approximately 1,309 aircraft between fighter and bomber and about 321 helicopters making the Egyptian Air Force larger in both Africa and the Middle East. As for combat capabilities, the Egyptian Air Force is considered the strongest in Africa And the most powerful air weapons in the region after Israel and before Turkey.  The Egyptian Air Force has 20 major air bases out of 40 major air facilities, as well as reserve and service bases deployed throughout Egypt, and over 30,000 personnel. The Egyptian Air Force's backbone is 240 US-made F-16 Falcon fighter planes, making it the fourth largest aircraft operator in the world. The Egyptian Air Force has appeared in public culture through films in particular. Some of the events in which it participated have also appeared in other films such as the Sadat days, in which a small part of it spoke of the use of all warplanes and training planes in bombing Israeli positions.