Bank of Egypt (Banque Misr) is an Egyptian bank established in 1920 by the Egyptian economist Talaat Harb with a message that is investing national savings and directing them to accelerate economic and social growth. From 1920 to 1960 the bank established 26 companies in various economic fields including spinning, weaving, insurance, transport, and aviation And the cinema industry (Mohamed Bayoumi). The number of projects in which the bank currently contributes to 220 projects in several different fields, including 11 joint banks, 32 industrial projects, 23 tourist projects, 27 residential projects, 31 agricultural and food projects, 27 financial projects, 24 service projects and 16 projects In the field of information technology Communications and 7 funds direct investment and this in addition to the 15 project group Ahmed Bahjat. Construction The bank also created two of the largest investment funds in Egypt. Talaat Harb established this bank to finance economic projects and raise the state's affairs economically, because some of the problems that occurred in the British occupation of Egypt affected the affairs of the state politically and led to the deterioration of the country's economy at that time.