Aland Islands (Swedish pronunciation: O Earth), located between Finland and Sweden .Previously it belonged to Sweden and currently belongs to Finland, which is an archipelago located at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia and consists of more than 6 thousand small and large islands, the largest of which is the capital and its name is Vista Aland Islands or Fuchta Aland Islands, meaning The first island.This is not the strange thing on this island. But although she is a self-governing country from Finland, no one of its residents speaks Finnish. They all speak Swedish. Even traffic signs in Swedish, menus in restaurants, and its official language is also Swedish. It is not linked to Finland other than the euro, which is used by Finland. It has its own flag, parliament and independent decisions. The reason is that the island was formerly under Swedish occupation. Then it was occupied by Russia and Finland. When the Russians were driven out of Finland's independence in 1917, this island remained under Finland's control, but with independence similar to independence. Thousands of tourists visit this island annually due to its relatively mild weather. Its area is 6800 km2 of which 1500 km2 is land only. Its population is about 26,000 people. About 10,000 of them live in the capital. Safety and reassurance insurance prevails in the island. Its only prison turned into a prison museum in 1975. There is absolutely no military weapon in it.