Tahrir Square is one of the main squares in the center of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq . This square had an important role in some of the revolutions, marches and uprisings in the city of Baghdad . Iraqi Jawad Salim , where the facade of the monument is located on Tahrir Square and on the west side of the square is the Republic Bridge , which was called the Queen Alia Bridge, the wife of Ghazi bin Faisal bin Hussein and the mother of King Faisal II .

It is located on the east side of the Umma Park , on the north side Al- Gomhouria Street, which was called King Ghazi Street, parallel to Al-Rasheed Street and on the south side Al-Saadoun Street.On the left side of the bridge is the Tigris Elementary School for Girls, which was founded in 1921. In Baghdad , on the right is the Turkish restaurant building , and there are a number of libraries in the square, including the Renaissance Library .