Mona Lisa ( in French : Mona Lisa, in Italian : Monna Lisa) or gioconda (in French: La Joconde, Nachara : La Gioconda, and in Italian: La Gioconda, Nachara : La Joconda ) As Lisa Gocondo , feathered by the artist , architect , architect , and Italian sculptor Leonardo da Vinci ,  he painted it during the Italian Renaissance . Da Vinci used an oil painting and a black poplar wood panel. The painting is owned by the French government, where it hangs on the wall of the Louvre behind a bullet-proof glass panel and in a climate-controlled environment. This painting has been described as "the most famous artwork in the history of art, the most artistic work to be written, sung and visited among them," and also described as "the most cynically replicated artwork in the world"