Face design

Sultan Hassan mosque

Back design

On the right side statue of king Chefren and behind it the zodiac scene from temple of Goddess Hat-Hor at Denderah and in front of it the three Giza pyramids and below the representation of the months of the year divided into three seasons Shemu Peret and Sakhet

Year Mintage I Have this I wish this Text
1/9/1969  ر A.Nazmy
Issued Prefix   from ر/1 to ر/39 A.Nazmy
16/10/1969  ر/40 A.Nazmy
22/11/971  ر/57 A.Zendo
Issued Prefix   from ر/58 to ر/599 A.Zendo
3/2/1975  ر/600 A.Zendo
15/6/1976  ر M.Ibrahim
15/6/1976  ر/609 M.Ibrahim
Issued Prefix   from ر/610 to ر/644 M.Ibrahim
29/9/1976  ر/645 M.Ibrahim
29/1/1978  ر M.Ibrahim
29/1/1978  ر/646 M.Ibrahim
Issued Prefix   from ر/647 to ر/663 M.Ibrahim
20/2/1978  ر/664 M.Ibrahim
16/9/1978  ر M.Ibrahim
16/9/1978  ر/665 M.Ibrahim
Issued Prefix   from ر/666 to ر/692 M.Ibrahim
19/10/1978  ر/693 M.Ibrahim
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