Face design

The interior of the mosque of Ahmed ibn Touloun

Back design

Parts of the columns of the temple of Ramesses II at Karnak . Also present a fishing scene a land cultivation scene both from ancient Egyptian tombs and a scene of the Nile god holding an offering table with the lotus and papyrus flowers ( symbols of Upper and Lower Egypt ) bringing the well being to the country . This last scene is from a Ptolemaic temple as there is a cartouche bearing the name of Ptolemaist

Year Mintage I Have this I wish this Text
1/1/1969  ذ A.Nazmy
1/1/1969  ذ/1 A.Nazmy
Issued Prefix   from ذ/2 to ذ39 A.Nazmy
17/2/1969  ذ/40 A.Nazmy
1/3/1973  ذ/41 A.Zendo
Issued Prefix   from ذ/42 to ذ/327 A.Zendo
16/2/1974  ذ/328 A.Zendo
2/10/1976  ذ M.Ibrahim
2/10/1976  ذ/329 M.Ibrahim
Issued Prefix   from ذ/330 to ذ/347 M.Ibrahim
26/10/1976  ذ/348 M.Ibrahim
21/10/1978  ذ M.Ibrahim
21/10/1978  ذ/349 M.Ibrahim
Issued Prefix   from ذ/350 to ذ/367 M.Ibrahim
15/11/978  ذ/368 M.Ibrahim
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