1- This operation is done using hard minting dies with engraved inscriptions , slightly higher than the inscriptions on the original minting dies .

2- Die Surface is isolated from the deawings and patterns using adhesive cellophane tape , so that the patterns and drawing are apparent while the die surface is covered with the tape .

3- The matt is done without acids and only by sprinkling sand using a special machine so the drawing and patterns are now matt while the surface remains glossy since it is isolated by tape .

4- After the matt process is finalized , the tape is removed and the process of polishing the die background starts by using diamond paste or powder with gradient smoothness , so that a coarse brown powder is first used then yellow smooth powder then light blue very smooth powder (the smoothest diamond powder) . Each time after using the diamond powder the die is polished using a manual motor with a felt brush . 

5- The mintig dies are then installed in the press machine and then each disc is pressed manually.then the matt and the glossy process is repeated once more in the same method in order to get coins with high purity.

- As for the procedure to produce matt coins, it is the same sanding method but without covering the surface with with a tape.