Sheikh Abdul Majid Salim was born on 1 October 1882 in the village of "Mit Shahala", a village belonging to the city of martyrs in Menoufia governorate in Egypt, memorizing the Qur'an and his presence, and then joined Al-Azhar, and he was imbued with intelligence. Knowledge. Sheikh Ahmed Al-Taweel, Sheikh Ahmed Abu Tuba and other senior imams and modernists. He received the certificate of the First World degree in 1908, and he held the teaching positions, the judiciary, the fatwas, the Sheikh of Al-Azhar Mosque, And he has been in the fatwa for nearly twenty years, and has fatwas of approximately 15 thousand fatwas, and took the wife of Al-Azhar twice, and dismissed in the first; because he criticized the king, and resigned from office on the second time on 17 September 1952, and died on Thursday morning 1374 AH / 7 October 1954).