Cairo International Stadium is the official stadium of the Egyptian football team was founded in 1958 under the name of Gamal Abdel Nasser under the name of Stad Nasser and renewed in 2004 with one hundred and fifty million pounds. This stadium witnessed the African Nations Cup 2006, which won by Egypt and can accommodate 74,100 spectators. [Citation needed] The Cairo International Stadium is the first of its kind with Olympic standards in the Middle East and Africa and is located in Nasr City, northeast of Cairo, designed by the German architect Werner Mars, the same architect who designed the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, 1936, completed in 1960 and inaugurated by the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser at the July Revolution celebrations of the same year. In 2005, the Cairo Stadium was developed to fit the new Olympic standard in the 21st century, where it was the year of the 2006 African Nations Cup. The stadium is located 10 km from Cairo International Airport and 30 km from downtown Cairo. Cairo Stadium is an important sign in the Egyptian sports structure, where the most important Egyptian matches are held at Cairo Stadium, where each year the summit matches between Al Ahly Club, Zamalek Club and Egypt's football matches are held. However, the establishment of the Burj Al Arab stadium near Alexandria, which will officially accommodate more than 80,000 spectators, will exclude the Cairo Stadium in the classification of Egyptian sports facilities. The Borg El Arab Stadium is the latest establishment of the Cairo Stadium and is the largest in Egypt and Africa.