Al Ahly Sporting Club (Al Ahly Sporting Club) is an Egyptian professional sports club in Cairo that plays in the Egyptian Premier League and is the only club in Egypt alongside Zamalek, which has not landed in the second division. . Al-Ahli Club was founded on April 24, 1907 by many prominent figures in Egypt such as Omar Lutfi Bek, Amin Sami Pasha, Mostafa Kamel and Talat Harb. It was established as an Egyptian National Youth Club and since its establishment, Egyptians have gathered to spend their time and exercise. And in 1909 the first football stadium was established in the history of the club and the development of this stadium until it became its current title (Mokhtar Tch Stadium). The first football team was established in 1911, Al Ahli club in 1916 to 4 games are football, tennis, billiards and gymnastics. Al Ahly is one of the most famous Egyptian, Arab and African clubs in the football game. Al Ahli won 20 continental championships and placed him second in the world's clubs after Real Madrid. Al Ahly won the Egyptian League Football Shield 40 times (most recently) 2017 and won the Egyptian Cup 36 times (record), most recently in 2017. The "National Club" or "Red Giant" as the fans of the African Champions League eight times (record), most recently on the tenth of November 2013 through which qualified through To the Club World Cup for the fifth time in his history, and has also won the Super Cup Sucks The African Cup of Nations, the African Cup of Nations, the African Cup of Nations, the African Cup of Nations, the African Cup of Nations, the African Confederations Cup, the African Cup of Nations, the African Cup of Nations and the African Cup of Nations. (Ahli Tripoli, Ahli Benghazi of Libya, Ahli of the Algerian league, Ahly Jeddah of Saudi Arabia, Ahli of Jordan, Ahly of Dubai UAE, Ahly of Bahrain and Ahli of Qatar). At the level of other sports, Ahli wins Africa and Arab sports in basketball, handball and volleyball as well as world-class squash.