The introduction of the scout in Egypt in 1914 was attributed to Prince Omar Toson, who formed some of the scouting teams in Alexandria. The First World War at that time led to the non-spread of the movement on a large scale. 1918 was the beginning of the movement when one of the communities The festival was held in the Al Azbekiya Park, where the attention of the Scout teams was drawn from the reviews and games that impressed the guests. Among them were the leaders responsible for the education of young people who sought to establish some Scout teams. Now) It lasted several days until another group was established in the Khedive school, then in Abdeen school, then the Saidiya, the Tawfikia, etc. In 1920, the first scout association called the Egyptian Scout Association was established. Its chairman, Mahmud Shukri Pasha, was appointed as the special awqaf director at the time. The association sent some leaders to the training center in Gluelle Park, England. The first batch was made up of leaders, Abdullah Salama and Saleh Subhi. And Abdul Latif Mahmoud, and they are one of the first leaders who have been trained internationally at this center, and the Association invited ((Baden Powell)) founder of the movement to visit Egypt has responded to the invitation and set up a large disclosure festival is the first festival of the Scout Movement in Egypt, Egyptian Scouts International in the International Scout Conference, which was held in Paris in 1922. The Egyptian Scouts Association was the first association in the Arab world and in the Middle East to be recognized internationally. Then the Egyptian scouts contributed to the establishment of the Arab Scout Organization in 1954 and the Egyptian scouts adopted hosting many Arab scout activities. The first was the camp and the second Arab Scout Conference in 1956, Scout events in Egypt