On Thursday, January 20, 1938 , the Qur'an was held at Al-Qubba Palace. Their nights were a holiday for every member of the people, mosques, churches, streets and squares. They were swimming in the hymns and lights. Cairo nights and the governorates became a long day. The Nile was flooded day and night in buoys, golds, boats and hotels on a beach flooded with lights, festivities and celebrations of all denominations. Everyone went out to show his love and loyalty, even companies and homes. Every house is decorated with flowers and clusters of electricity. Official celebrations continued for three days and three nights. [1] Every house and its people in Egypt turned to joy and all Egypt lived in great joy


State celebrations 

Postage stamps and commemorative coins were issued on the occasion of the marriage, so that the people can keep the memorabilia of the wedding and the wedding. 


Wedding Dress  

I wore a unique dress made in Paris from a silver thread and a beautiful long-sleeved French pantela and a short tail made by the most famous Parisian fashion shop at the time, a heir shop. Matthew also wore a light, fluffy cloth from which the tail, which was 15 feet long and covered with light tar, was worn



Marriage gifts  


Farouk's gift to his bride 

Farouk Farida presented a precious diamond necklace with three branches of white diamonds. The two branches ended with two diamond bracelets. The necklace was presented at the Paris International Jewelery Show and was the rarest of all the exhibits in this international exhibition.

Royal Family Gifts

Queen Nazli gave her the gift of holding the Koran, a crown inlaid with a rare emerald in its center and a precious diamond with a heart on top. The members of the royal family also presented a gift on this occasion and all participated in the presentation of this gift, which is a pure gold candlestick and candlestick adorned the sides of the Chinese diamond and engraved in the center of the royal crown and the name of Farouk.  Each prince and princess also presented a personal gift in his name.

Gifts Heads and Kings of Arab and foreign countries 

He was also presented with the luxury of a Mercedes luxury car given by Herhitler to Farouk. A gift from Austria is a collection of statues representing the Austrian knights by their relatives in the 18th century. Farouk received a gift from the King of Italy, a bronze statue of an Italian prince of the 17th century princes. King George of England presented two beautiful hunting rifles. The gift of the king of Greece was a colorful bronze statue of the real statue preserved in the museums of Athens; it belonged to the Egyptian queen Princes, one of the Ptolemaic queens. In addition to some gifts from the Arab kings were mostly authentic Arabian horses from the King of Jordan and King of Saudi Arabia



In the balcony of Abdeen Palace Farouk whispered to her

she  asked him where to?

And actually on Monday January 24 left the capital with all its joys and crowds and fans and intended to palace Anshas or as Farouk Koch royal love. It is a large palace surrounded by trees, flowers, roses, vast green spaces and rare plants. The first two letters of their names are highlighted in the English language (FF). Also in front of the palace was a royal golden steamer anchored on the shore. Their journey lasted two weeks