The album is A historic Gulf glider . Served in maritime commercial transport, waterwashing and water transport in the pre-oil period in the Arabian Gulf . The album is one of the best and most famous Gulf ships to become part of the logo of several countries in the Arabian Gulf.


The boom replaced the heavier baghlahs and ghanjahs which were more difficult to maneuver. Booms were mainly built in Beypore, Konkan and Gujarat, India, and Kuwait and are primarily used along the coasts of the Arabian Peninsula, Sindh, the west coast of the Indian Subcontinent, and East Africa.

Nowadays some booms have been converted into motorboats after being fitted with engines instead of sails, especially in the Persian Gulf area. A boom in full sail is represented in the Emblem of Kuwait, emphasizing its traditional importance in the country, where it was used to carry fresh water and in the pearl industry, as well as a trading ship