Before referring to the characteristics and meanings of the stone exhale, we refer to the group of the four most precious stones in the world, which includes diamonds, sapphires and emeralds where it is common belief in his ability to protect and acquire wisdom and some believe in his connection to the universe in addition to his ability to spread happiness And hope and protection during long journeys, as well as its impact on bringing light and inner peace and open the perspective of the mind on beauty and stimulate creativity. The exhale stone is known for its ability to maintain the hope that our dreams and deep desires will one day be realized. Exhale stone is available in several colors including blue, violet, green, yellow, black and even transparent, accompanied by distinctive gloss.

The best types of exhumation can be found in the mines of Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Burma, Madagascar, Australia and Brazil. Whether a Burmese extract is considered to be of higher value than Madagascar and Ceylon is due to its attractive blue color while the extract Of India is one of the most rare species, making it the most expensive species among the others because the mines there have been depleted a long time ago.

The chemical exhalation formula is A l2 O 3   Which means that this stone is made of aluminum oxide, which is earned by that appearance and color characteristic, as a result of the mention of the term aluminum in the example I think he toured the risk of that color famous for him and that you must have seen that metal one way or another in a day where it is used In the manufacture of many tools and objects but although you imagine this form of exhalation is absolutely untrue only in case if you've seen it before! Well, the color of the exhale is different from the color of aluminum as shown in the pictures in this report. One of the characteristics of this stone is that it is characterized by being one of the most hardness gems at all, because the degree of his salad on the scale of the moss is 9 near the maximum 10 degrees.

Exhale is a deviation of the aluminum oxide, which means that it is very similar to the structure of sapphire stone, the difference is limited to the difference in the number of atoms called the impurities as they exist within the matrix of aluminum, which means changing the characteristics of the stone and thus explain the existence of this difference between sapphire and exhalation. One of these differences is limited to color, since the appearance and color of the stone is believed to be due to the presence of iron and titanium impurities. In this case, in particular, an electron travels from the iron atom to the titanium atom. The electron absorbs the red spectrum and then sends spectral light frequencies to the blue and violet colors, which is precisely the reason for the appearance of the distinctive exhalation stone known as its dark blue color.When you enlarge the visibility of the ejaculation, it is common to notice that deposits such as quartz deposits are "black sand deposits" and it is normal to be present knowing that you can observe it by bringing the stone closer to your naked eye.

Beliefs about Exhale

Many individuals believe the ability of the exhalation to give a positive impact on those who need without the perception of wearing it is a kind of belief in the existence of a separate superior to him, where it is said that our master Moses wore it but there is no explicit statement proves that despite this believes a number of Individuals are in the health of information making it one of the most sacred gems . As a result of obvious reasons for the status of the Holy Stone is the most desirable stones of the kings and princes, where it was used extensively in the decoration of the crown and tools of the king and even the jewelry and tools of the Queen of course, also commonly worn between members of the aristocracy and high priests, In our time we notice that the British Royal Crown is adorned with large blue expanse stones, which symbolize purity and wisdom. It is worth mentioning that the largest manure mines around the world are located in Sri Lanka, where it is known to contain large amounts of it are extracted and distributed on a large scale.

In astronomy, the color of the blue exhalation is related to the planet Saturn, while yellow exhalation is associated with Jupiter. According to ancient knowledge, the best gemstones are used to enhance the positive properties of the planets, especially if the stones are as pure and flawless as possible. Unless you plan to spend a great deal of money.

Exhalation usually symbolizes it as one of the stones of destiny where it is believed in its ability to make you think clearly and clearly, one of the points to be debated among specialists in that field whether it helps to financially independence and even spatial independence. From a metaphysical perspective to the subject, we must distinguish between the exhalation stone and the two main types. The first type is light blue, which means that it can be used to strengthen the fifth shakra while the second type is dark blue, which helps to open the sixth chakra. So if you plan to use it for meditation and relaxation, you should definitely be aware of this information.

Exaggerate stones represent honesty, faith and trust, where they are known to enhance their ability to communicate and get out of depression. They help calm the mind and gain clear insight and a sense of inner peace.

In the treatment of blisters, it is believed to reduce the symptoms of sore throat, fever and nasal bleeding, as well as its role in the treatment of burns and skin infections, and promote the health of blood circulation in the body and thus prevention of cardiovascular diseases. On the basis of this logic, it is also believed that the exhale should be purified every 15 days periodically using rock crystal and amethyst.

Exhale Jewelry

When we come to the jewelry industry using exhalation we notice that the blue exhale rings and wedding rings are very common in the field, but their prices may be much higher than usual, mostly because of the interest of royal families in the past in the stone and the transparent blue sapphires are relatively rare , It is common to note the presence of other colors of stone located beside the blue in jewelry stores such as gold and platinum color and the stone is usually decorated with diamonds. The blue exhalation stone comes in a gradient of light blue, blue-like to darker than dark shadows. It is not advisable to acquire a dark blue color for the stone as it is easy to turn to black depending on how much light it is affected.

The process of preparing the ejaculation involves exposure to high temperature and is one of the most common processes to improve the transparency of the stone while one of the other ways to ensure exposure to a number of chemical elements and high temperature at the same time, the process is not easy and may be unexpected results sometimes As there is no guarantee of the time that will remain in the resulting state after treatment. The most common method used to produce exhalation is artificial production. The process does not cost much money. It requires the aluminum component for the beginning of the industry so if you go to one of the jewelry stores one day and find a ring decorated for example Time is written on a low price, it is probably a fake made in a laboratory, specialists in the branch of gems from the science of geology can be identified as fake easily, depending on a number of factors, one of which is the most simple is that less than 1% of the exhalation stones are in the case Not good at h JH to processed and purified, where if you find a stone that lies in front of you high quality and low price from the average price of natural it is mostly fake.

Can be very expensive as prices depend on stone-based processing, in contrast to what some believe the lower-priced treatment species are more natural than the natural ones as the treatment has included a change in color, purity and dimensions. One carat of exhalation may cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. At the same time, manufactured and counterfeit products cost much less for about $ 50, but for this price the stone will not be transparent. Of course, a transparent type can be obtained at a higher cost.