Coral stone is one of the most precious stones among the stones mentioned in the Qur'an, which makes us conclude that it is one of the most valuable precious stones. In addition, coral stone belongs to the group of organic stones. Its origin is due to coral reefs that lie below the surface the sea. Coral is found in a variety of colors including white, red, black, blue and brown, while red is the most common and widespread. It is widely used in the manufacture of jewelry, ornaments and accessories, noting that it is not suitable to use any kind of coral to be relied on in the industry because of the existence of special standards for this and specific types of known and available to exploit.
Coral stone is formed in the warm waters of the marine animal structures that live next to each other in what is called a community like a colony that grows and branches in a specific pattern as our own. When contemplating this system we find that it has some meaning and wisdom is to reach a situation better than the remnants and progress in the future, while at the same level represents the growth of the branches of the steady ability to adapt and expand despite the difficulties.


Characteristics of coral stone

There are two main types of coral stone that can be found in the Mediterranean, Australian and South Pacific coasts, as well as on the coasts of Japan and Africa.The coral stone is similar to the pearl stone chemically and is known to grow up to 40 cm in length, with branches of thickness of 4 cm and its 3.5 cm on the Mohs scale. The coral is polished and made before being displayed in stores and used in the jewelry industry. The coral is actually made up of animals called polyps. Coral consists of the skeletons accumulated from these "polyps" It should be noted here that the most rare coral species and the most valuable called bloody coral.
As for the name Coral, we can say that there is a word for coral in many languages, most of which is in the sense of "small stone".


It is not recommended to wear coral stone and the use of cosmetics at the same time as acidic perfumes, besides when you wear jewelry or jewelry decorated with this stone try to avoid the bright and shiny lights so it is recommended to place inside the wrapping cloth or anything opaque to keep and to be on the case Good for as long as possible. Coral is also affected when exposed to any chemical element is certain and direct, so it is recommended to put in a box for conservation and to ensure that it is not affected by a chemical element such as perfume as we mentioned.
If you have this stone and want to restore it, you can hand it over to one of the specialized shops to clean and prepare the precious stones so that they do the process, but if you want to do it yourself there are two methods based on the first method used in the old You can bring one Fatty substances and put them on the coral to notice the result directly, where the red color and make him more quality, which earns a new appearance and better. The newly applied method is supplemented by the addition of hydrogen peroxide to restore its glamor and bright appearance.


Coral stone and legends
It was customary to use coral as jewelry in the pre-Christmas period, where it was used in the tombs of the Celts and was a symbol of wealth in China, also used by the Dalai Lama in Tibet and still today. Coral stone is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism.
In ancient legends it was said that this stone is related to the story of the Ghoul.When the Ghoul gave Medusa some of its blood, drops escaped and fell into the sea, and then it became the amazing red coral that we see in jewelry.
There is more to that legend than you think.
Medusa was a beautiful day, but Athena turned to me a cruel and jealous object.Because of the presence of snakes instead of her hair, Medusa was able to transform a person who was seen to a stone. Later, after her death, she formed a beautiful crystal with healing abilities, as beautiful as before she became this object.
In this ancient myth, coral stone represents the beauty of ugliness, the ability to transform and eventually reach happiness.
Coral is said to be willing to tell us to look at ourselves to women. If we notice any inner horror in ourselves, it does not have to continue where you can eliminate those bad feelings and desires and turn to peace and stability.Another interesting legend about this stone says that Mars is made up of coral and that is because of its color.
One of the common uses of coral stone was that it was used as an amulet and necklace especially the red coral where it represents the struggle of women with infertility. We add that it is believed to have distinctive and useful properties for the gardens, just bring some coral stone and add it to the soil to give a special touch and a unique marine character.