Quartz stone is chemically synthesized from silicon particles and parts of oxygen molecules. It is considered one of the most abundant minerals on earth, and its unique properties make it one of the most exciting and distinctive stones. Due to the abundance of this stone, it is widely distributed to The face of the earth is abundant throughout the world. It should be noted here that it is considered a semi-precious stone, which is very low in price and sometimes used in the simple jewelry industry. Quartz stone is formed at all temperatures. It is found in a wide range of incandescent rocks, sedimentary rocks and sedimentary rocks. It is one of the most resistant stones, both mechanical and chemical, and this durability has made it the predominant mineral on the mountain tops and the main component of the rivers and desert sands. So it is everywhere and its presence is uninterrupted and its mineral deposits are found in various parts of the world.

Scientific and industrial uses of quartz are varied, largely because they contain electrical electrophoresis (piezoelectric). It was discovered by French chemist and physicist Pierre Curie (1859-1906), who observed a strange phenomenon: that when quartz (silicon dioxide) is exposed to an automatic voltage, an electric current is generated. In contrast, if the quartz crystal is exposed to an electric field, And vibrate at a certain frequency, and found that this vibration and fluctuation is characterized by regularity and high accuracy. This phenomenon, known as bizochemistry, enabled the researchers to manufacture many sensitive devices, the most important of these devices watches designed to measure time with high accuracy.

Colors of quartz stone

The quartz appears in several different colors and the most common ones are transparent, white, gray, purple, yellow, brown, black, pink, green, red.

Quartz syphilis

This is a symbol of love and beauty, it is believed that this stone has an effect of calm and apparent silence on the person who wears it. It calms emotions and relieves emotional trauma and can help the individual in times of emotional turmoil only by carrying a piece of it. It also stimulates creativity and thought and opens the heart to inner peace and self-love and appreciation, as well as encouraging tolerance, love and friendship.

Physical properties of syphilis quartz

The chemical formula for synovial quartz is SiO2 (silica). This formula is not different from rock crystal, amethyst, citrine or any other stone on which the quartz stone is based. All belong to the same category of materials. As for the hardness of quartz syphilis, the quartz hardness is similar (7 degrees on the Mohs scale).

The quartz color is unique in the mineral kingdom. Although there were other crystals of the same color, they were not close to the degree of thin syphilis. The origin of this pink color remains a mystery. Where scientists believed it was due to titanium, iron and magnesium impurities in silicates. However, some recent findings have shown very good evidence that the microscopic fiber structure of some other quartz minerals can be responsible for the appearance of this pink color.

The meanings of the metaphysical quartz stone

The alternative names for quartz syphilis are "pink quartz" and "stone of love". It is considered to be a stone of Venus. The ancient Egyptians considered it a stone capable of delaying aging. Traditionally, it has been given to newborns to ease the transition from spiritual to physical, where transition is necessary in the first few months of infant life to adapt successfully to new conditions and to integrate both worlds.

Pure quartz is one of the most versatile and universal stones, as its white color contains a series of colors. The amethyst is similar to what was symbolized by the stone of the soul. Pink quartz-pink quartz helps us to reach precious gifts of sincere love and self-love.

Therapeutic Benefits of Syphilis Quartz

In the field of crystal therapy, syphilis quartz can be used to treat the whole body, especially the heart and circulatory system. It is believed to prevent heart attacks and strokes and strengthens the heart muscle and opens the heart towards the forces of healing self-love. It is also believed to help in depression, insomnia, mental problems and impotence problems. It also improves skin tone and improves skin tone.

Quartz stone rutile

It is a great combination of quartz (rock quartz crystal) and rutile. Both substances are composed of oxides, silicon oxide and titanium oxide, and their chemical form is SiO2 and TiO2. Self-discovery means finding the inner truth about our existence, our purpose and our destiny in life, as well as strengthening our understanding of ourselves and others alike. Understanding and understanding ourselves means understanding others as well. In addition, it provides protection against lies, evil forces, and psychological attacks and promotes spiritual self-growth. It is also believed to be able to neutralize unhealthy effects. From a visual point of view, this type is very attractive.