The launch of the name "Peridot" refers to the word "Peritot" in French, which means "gold" because the colors are similar to the colors of gold. Is one of the most beautiful and famous stones to be given to others, especially that the aquamarine is a great example of celebrating the sixteenth year of marriage in the traditions of some peoples besides the jewel of the month of August, which is dedicated to the birth of this month. As for the history of this stone, it has a great degree of appreciation and a long history and is characterized by a historical record is busy; the ancient Egyptian papyrus recorded the method of extraction of this stone as early as 1500 BC . Egypt was the center and source of the precious stone in the ancient world where it was extracted from the island of "Topazo" (now called the island of Peridot or St. John) in the Red Sea in Egypt.In ancient times, aquamarine stones were used in carved talismans, as the inhabitants of that island were forced to collect precious stones for the pharaoh's treasury. Legend has it that the jealous observers who order an end to death on the aggressors have guarded the entire island. The story goes on to say that the workers were working day and night because the peridot stones could only be found after dark due to the radiation of the stone. The miners were marking the places where the peridot stones were located and returning to them the day after they were extracted.

In the 19th century, the island produced many peridot stones worth millions of dollars. After 1905, the production of precious stones reached its peak but fell to the bottom in the late 1930's. The situation remained until 1958 when the mines were nationalized. Although some of the aquamarines that come from that island are still in the market, they are not known whether they are new or old pieces, and most are presumed to be old.

Egypt and Aquamarine

The aquamarine is the national jewel of Egypt , and was known by ancient Egyptians as the "sun stone". The stone was recovered for more than 3,500 years on St Johns Island. In the late 19th century, Khedive monopolized Egypt and the island became a mystery for centuries until it was discovered in 1905. The aquamarine was known as ancient olive oil , although it was used at times when the ability to accurately identify the stones And available as now. In addition, the name itself was called some topaz stone until we began to recognize the differences between these gemstones.


The precious stones of Peridot are rare in ancient Egypt, mainly from St. John's Island, known as the Aquamarine, while the main sources of aquamarine are Pakistan, Burma, Afghanistan, China, Vietnam, Ethiopia and the United States of America (Arizona in particular). The state of Hawaii periodically produces large quantities of aquamarine enough to be cut as precious stones, but most of the "Hawaiian Aquamarine" has not been documented.

The formation of aquamarine

The shape of the aquamarine is Mg (Fe) 2SiO4. The aquamarine has a hardness ranging from 6.5 to 7 on a moss scale and in shades of green between the italian and olive green . Due to the presence of impurities from the iron element in its composition, it is considered a transparent stone.

Aquamarine is a kind of olefin and can be manufactured in a relatively inexpensive way. For its geological formations in nature, it forms in deep layers below the earth's surface and is then transported to the surface by the magma.It is one of only two stones not formed in the earth's crust but in the molten rock of the upper casing, the other stone is a diamond stone . These stones rise to the surface of the earth through the force of earthquakes and volcanoes.While these aquamarines are made in the earth, other crystals of aquamarine with extraterrestrial origins of meteorite are found in the rare pallasite meteorites (only 61 of which are known to date), formed about 4.5 billion Year.The aquamarine was also found in its main form Olivine in the comet dust, which was returned from the Stardust space probe in 2006 and was also discovered on the moon and was detected on Mars by a NASA space surveyor .The ancients believed that the aquamarine stones were tossed to the ground by the blast of the sun, and that the stones had therapeutic power.

Beliefs and legends

It was used as an antidote to sorcery, witchcraft and evil spirits, as well as to treat night terrors and insanity when placed with gold and worn around the neck or left arm. He is also known for his ability to treat the feeling of cowardice, and soothes the anger that afflicts the person. It still celebrates the many virtues that characterize it, where some believe its ability to protect the aura and protect the human body and alleviate emotional burdens and feelings of guilt and apprehension. In addition, it is especially useful to overcome the feeling of fear, depression and other mental disorders, and works to get rid of jealousy and resentment in order to move forward in life.

As for the aquamarine, it is one of a few precious stones that are limited to one color. It is characterized by its beautiful features, which resemble the appearance of leaf leaves from green to golden during the late summer and early autumn, where leaves are reflected in branches such as jewelry in the sunlight. It is also considered a crystallization that represents warmth and happiness and is believed in its ability to stimulate the mind and renew body energy through the dissemination of internal illumination and sharpening the mind and openness to new levels of awareness and growth, which helps the person to understand things well. Thus, as a result of those beliefs that were prevalent around the aquamarine stone, some of which are still echoed so far, the value of this stone was greatly appreciated.

Emerald is similar in color and appearance to tourmaline, demantoid, green amethyst and emerald, which is often darker than green.