Moalem Dar El Darb : The Master Craftsman of the House for each minting stage there were the master and the laborers the chief masters held this post he was responsible for all technical processes flow of work and was the keeper of the fineness . For this  high responsibility for each and every coin the appointment for the post always came from the Ottoman central administration 

 Al Maayergui : Composed of two words the Arabic Moayer the person who calibrates and the Turkish Gui the suffix for adjunction . He was the craftsman responsible for calibrating and melting gold with an air blower then adding the silver or copper in calculated quantities to achieve the required alloy 

Al Ay-yar : Responsible for calibrating silver melting it then adding copper to reach the required alloy 

Al-Waz-Zan: He worked with scales large ones weighing in kilograms and sensitive ones weighing in grams 

 Sheikh al Sabakin : The Master Founder he surpervised the different processes of melting and casting metals by the other founders who were assisted by blind workers manning the air blowers keeping the fire high

 Al-Hadad : Literally the Blacksmith they had the duty of manufacturinf tools and repairing them melting iron and casting it 

 Al Raqaq : He had the duty of striking and hammering  hot metal bars into thin sheets . The Raqaq for gold held the special title of Mankis

 Al Galaa : The Polisher who polished gold and silver before minting

 Al Douezma or Doughrameq : He cut sheets of metal into rounded discs 

 AL Zanguerli : Is the craftsman who makes the designs on the edge of the surface of the coin which was usually done before minting 

 AL Darrab : The Striker he was to strike the alloy with a hammer to produce a coin hammered and was also to cast a die while hot to produce a coin casted 

 Al Haffar or AL Naqash : The Engraver that carved the script deep and in reverse in the mould so that it would appear upright and normal on the coin . The engraver had to be dedicated to nothing else but engraving he had to be to be highly skilled so as to deter forgery by his work 

 AL Saati : Literally The Watchmaker he was responsible for maintaining and improving  on all machinery he also prepared the steel or copper piece the held the die