Master Cola is a registered trademark since 1969, and thanks to the industrial spirit and technical capabilities of the management team of Metico has grown and developed from a small investment to become a company known for its long-standing and modern and very sophisticated laboratories.

Master Cola is proud to maintain a leading level of high quality product not only in Syria but also in the surrounding countries as a result of continuous research and studies.

Its reliance on advanced production cadres and a wide distribution network has enabled it to meet all the needs of its customers.

Master Cola has recently been a very important investment step by filling Master products on the second production line with plastic bottles (PET) to use the most modern machines in the world so far.

Master Cola is currently available in a returnable bottle (250) ml, as well as PET (PET) and each volume of two liters and a quarter, liter, and a bottle (350) ml and the following flavors:

Cola, Diet Cola, Orange, Fruit Cocktail, Lemon, Lemon Diet, Lemonade, Apple, Soda Cream, Pomegranate Flavor.