Face design

Mosque and madrasa of Sultan Hassan Framed with Islamic designs

Back design

The Sphinx in the middle surrounded by pharaonic designs

Year Mintage I Have this I wish this Text
4/10/2000  ن/100 I.H.Mohamed
7/9/2000  ن/18 I.H.Mohamed
Issued Prefix   from ن/19 to ن/21 I.H.Mohamed
30/1/2001  ن/22 I.H.Mohamed
11/6/2002  ن/22 M.Abou El Oyoun
11/6/2002  ن/100 M.Abou El Oyoun
12/6/2002  ن/23 M.Abou El Oyoun
Issued Prefix   from ن/24 to ن/29 M.Abou El Oyoun
20/1/2002  ن/30 M.Abou El Oyoun
20/1/2002  ن/30 Farouk A.El Okda
30/12/2003  ن/31 Farouk A.El Okda
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