Face design

On the right side mosque of Abu-Hariba and below Islamic designs

Back design

On the right side a winged scarab pushing the sun disc a symbol of the birth of a new day i e . the resurrection . On the left side a pharaonic boat . On the top left corner the winged sun disc surrounded by two snakes symbolizing Upper and Lower Egypt

Year Mintage I Have this I wish this Text
909023  هـــ/100 S.Hamed
909023  هـــ/1 S.Hamed
902113  هـــ/100 I.H.Mohamed
902113  هـــ/2 I.H.Mohamed
Issued Prefix   from هـــ/3 to هـــ/14 I.H.Mohamed
931105  هـــ/15 I.H.Mohamed
902113  هـــ/100 I.H.Mohamed
001020  هـــ/200 I.H.Mohamed
916076  هـــ/16 I.H.Mohamed
Issued Prefix   from هـــ/17 to هــــ/26 I.H.Mohamed
922038  هــــ/27 I.H.Mohamed
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