Face design

A convoy of camels passing by Mamluks cemetery in Cairo .

Back design

The name of the National Bank framed with geometric designs

Year Mintage I Have this I wish this Text
4/9/1913  U/1 Rowlatt
Issued Prefix   from U/2 to U/9 Rowlatt
11/11/1919  U/10 Rowlatt
12/11/1919  N/1 Rowlatt
13/11/1919  N/1 Rowlatt
14/11/1919  N/1 Rowlatt
15/11/1919  N/2 Rowlatt
21/1/1920  N/3 Rowlatt
6/7/1942  N/4 Nixon
Issued Prefix   from N/5 to N/7 Nixon
2/5/1945  N/8 Nixon
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