Face design

The interior of Refai mosque

Back design

In the middle the statue of king Chephren and on the right side a design of the three pyramids and a pharaonic representation of birds on the left

Year Mintage I Have this I wish this Text
724068  ف/1 M.Ibrahim
Issued Prefix   from ف/2 to ف/29 M.Ibrahim
729078  ف/30 M.Ibrahim
707109  ف M.Ibrahim
707109  ف/31 M.Ibrahim
Issued Prefix   from ف/32 to ف/63 M.Ibrahim
718119  ف/64 M.Ibrahim
802071  ف/200 M.Ibrahim
802071  ف/65 M.Ibrahim
Issued Prefix   from ف/66 to ف/69 M.Ibrahim
808071  ف/70 M.Ibrahim
802071  ف/200 M.Shalaby
Issued Prefix   from ف/71 to ف/93 M.Shalaby
817053  ف/94 M.Shalaby
810045  ف/200 M.Shalaby
810045  ف/95 N.Negm
Issued Prefix   from ف/96 to ف/116 N.Negm
807105  ف/117 N.Negm
818126  ف/200 S.Hamed
818126  ف/118 S.Hamed
Issued Prefix   from ف/119 to ف126 S.Hamed
831126  ف/127 S.Hamed
802047  ف/300 S.Hamed
801097  ف/128 S.Hamed
Issued Prefix   from ف/129 to ف/133 S.Hamed
801019  ف/134 S.Hamed
801019  ف/134 S.Hamed
9927103  ف/135 I.H.Mohamed
Issued Prefix   from ف/136 to ف/153 I.H.Mohamed
910084  ف/154 I.H.Mohamed
910015  ف/300 I.H.Mohamed
924066  ف/155 I.H.Mohamed
Issued Prefix   from ف/156 to ف/165 I.H.Mohamed
910015  ف/300 I.H.Mohamed
919089  ف/166 I.H.Mohamed
Issued Prefix   from ف/167 to ف/192 I.H.Mohamed
921079  ف/193 I.H.Mohamed
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