Face design

Mosque of sultan Qayetbay at the mamluks cemetery

Back design

Abu Simble temple and on the right side a cartouche bearing the name of king Ramesses II and on the left side a cartouche with the name of queen Nefertary

Year Mintage I Have this I wish this Text
729058  ل M.Ibrahim
729058  ل/1 M.Ibrahim
Issued Prefix  from ل/2 to ل /19 M.Ibrahim
721068  ل/20 M.Ibrahim
715059  ل M.Ibrahim
715059  ل/21 M.Ibrahim
Issued Prefix  from ل/22 to ل/112 M.Ibrahim
705099  ل/113 M.Ibrahim
802010  ل/200 M.Ibrahim
802010  ل/114 M.Ibrahim
Issued Prefix  from ل /115 to ل /128 M.Ibrahim
815081  ل/129 M.Ibrahim
802010  ل/200 M.shalaby
803042  ل/130 M.shalaby
Issued Prefix  from ل/131 to ل/149 M.shalaby
806034  ل/150 M.shalaby
802055  ل/151 A.Negm
Issued Prefix  from ل/152 to ل/164 A.Negm
802016  ل/165 A.Negm
816116  ل/200 S.Hamed
816116  ل/166 S.Hamed
Issued Prefix  from ل/167 to ل/178 S.Hamed
801067  ل/180 S.Hamed
Issued Prefix  from ل/181 to 206 S.Hamed
814089  ل/207 S.Hamed
916010  ل/208 S.Hamed
916010  ل/208 S.Hamed
801047  ل/300 S.Hamed
902050  ل/209 S.Hamed
Issued Prefix  from ل/210 to ل/245 S.Hamed
901062  ل/246 S.Hamed
917103  ل/300 I.H.Mohamed
917103  ل/247 I.H.Mohamed
Issued Prefix  from ل/248 to ل/265 I.H.Mohamed
914024  ل/266 I.H.Mohamed
917024  ل/400 I.H.Mohamed
928024  ل/267 I.H.Mohamed
Issued Prefix  ل/268 to ل/305 I.H.Mohamed
931076  ل/305 I.H.Mohamed
917024  ل/400 I.H.Mohamed
901086  ل /306 I.H.Mohamed
Issued Prefix  from ل /307 to ل/351 I.H.Mohamed
925019  ل/352 I.H.Mohamed
922049  ل/500 I.H.Mohamed
913079  ل/353 I.H.Mohamed
Issued Prefix  from ل/354 to ل/377 I.H.Mohamed
25/2/2001  ل/378 I.H.Mohamed
25/2/2001  ل/379 I.H.Mohamed
25/2/2001  ل/379 I.H.Mohamed
922049  ل/500 I.H.Mohamed
25/2/2001  ل/380 I.H.Mohamed
20/11/2001  ل/500 M.Abou El Oyoun
22/11/2001  ل/381 M.Abou El Oyoun
Issued Prefix  from ل/382 to ل/431 M.Abou El Oyoun
23/12/2003  ل/432 M.Abou El Oyoun
23/12/2003  ل/432 M.Abou El Oyoun
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