After the proclamation of February 28, 1922 and the transformation of Egypt into an officially independent kingdom and the naming of Fu'ad as King instead of Sultan on December 10, 1923 the National Flag of Egypt was issued. The flag became a green flag with a white crescent in front of it Which was raised by the Egyptian people in the wake of the 1919 revolution

Under this flag, the Egyptian people fought all their battles against the British occupation after the 1919 revolution It was the flag raised by the people in their demonstrations which was the flag raised by the students And workers in 1946 and the coffins of martyrs of the battles of the Canal in 1951 and 1952 a flag that was raised on the base of the Canal after the evacuation of the British forces and the building of the Suez Canal after nationalization and fought under the people in Port Said battle against the tripartite aggression in 1956 So the Egyptian-Syrian unit announced the United Arab Republic on February 22, 1958, from this day the new state became a new flag The three colors are red, white and black, with its white strip in the center of two green stars pointing to the two states of unity, Syria and Egypt