From the story of Ra Tuthmosis the Third (1425 BC) Pharaoh myth Sixth Pharaohs 18th Dynasty The greatest rulers of Egypt and one of the most powerful emperors in history where he founded the first Egyptian empire at that time remained that empire until about 1070 BC until the reign of Ramses XI Tuthmosis the Third established an empire of the oldest empires in history the maximum border of Egypt in its history, where the borders of Egypt reached the Euphrates River and Syria to the east and Libya to the west and the coasts of Phenicia and Cyprus to the north and to the sources of the Nile to the south until the fourth or fourth waterfall was the administration in his reign strong from the people Tuthmosis gave each province a self-rule of the throne due to the breadth of the empire and the diversity of races and the difference of customs and laws from one area to another Tuthmosis died at the age of 82 years after the rule of fifty-four years as stated in the text of Amnahat