group of three large pyramids, the biddest is the famous of king Khufu of the fourth dynasty, It was built  over 13 acres its original height was 146 meters, now its height is 137 m, the base is 227 meters long on each side, and it has been constructed of 2,300,000 blocks of limestone some of which weight 15 tons while the average weight of the stones in 2,5 tons, The entrance of this pyramid is facing geographical north it has three chambers inside, The highest one is the burial chamber no mummies or funerary object were found inside this pyramid.
The pyramid of king Khafre's son of the king Khufu is the second in the complex, It is 143.5 meter high and the base is 215.5 meter long, The pyramid has two entries from  the northern side and was built of local limestone.
Menkaure's pyramid complex consists of a valley temple, a causeway,a mortuarytemple, and the king's pyramid which is 66.5 m height and 108.5 m at the base, The valley temple contained several statues of Menkaure, During the 5th dynasty, a smaller ante-temple was added on to the valley temple, The mortuary temple also yielded several statues of Menkaure, At the burial chamber, it was found a wooden coffin with a part of mummy thought to be the mummy of the king himself, The coffin and the part of that mummy at the British Museum, The king's pyramid has three subsidiary or Queen's pyramids. of the four major monuments, only Menkaure's pyramid is seen today without any of its original polished limestone casing.