Ramses II (circa 1303 BC - July or August 1213 BC) is also referred to as Ramses the Great Pharaoh was the third ruler of the Nineteenth Dynasty (1279-1213 BC). He is considered to be the most famous and strongest pharaoh during the empire The Egyptian called his successors and the subsequent rulers of the great majority Ramses II led several military campaigns to the Levant and restored the Egyptian control of Canaan and also led campaigns south to Nubia Ramses at the age of fourteen crown prince by his father City I believes he sat on the throne in Late adolescence and is also known as the rule of Egypt from 1279 BC 1213 BC, for a period of 67 years and two months, according to both Maniton and historical records of contemporary Egypt and told him that he had lived 99 years But he is likely to have died at the age of 90 or 91 and was buried in a cemetery in the Valley of the Kings was later transferred to the royal cistern where it was discovered in 1881 and now is displayed in the Egyptian Museum