(CHF: CHF) is the legal currency in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and also in the Italian Campione d'Italia . Although it is not an official legal commodity in the German Bozingen enclave (the only legal currency is the euro ), it is used daily on a large scale. The Swiss National Bank issues banknotes while the Swiss instrument issues coins .

CHF is the only version of the franc that is still being released in Europe. The smallest category is one per cent of the franc, the Rapp in German and the French in Sentium (ct.) In the Italian language and the Rp in Romanism . The ISO symbol used by banks and financial institutions is CHF although "Fr."Used by most companies and advertisers. Some use SFr .; "CH" comes from (in Latin : Confoederatio Helvetica ) Convidratio Helvetica . Due to the use of four languages in the country, Latin is used as a neutral language for engraving on coins