Raymond Poincaré, French politician (1860-1934). He assumed the presidency of the Third French Republic (1913-1920) during which his country entered the First World War. He also served as France's prime minister three times:     From 21 January 1912 to 21 January 1913.     From 15 January 1922 to 6 June 1924.     From 23 July 1926 to 29 July 1929.     Minister of Foreign Affairs (1912-1913) and (1922-1924).     Minister of Education (1893) and (1895). Lucien Poincare is a physicist and his relative Jules Henri is a well known physicist and sports scientist. French President Raymond Poincaré was born in the city of Bar-du-Duc, in the French province of Meuse, in northeastern France. He moved to the French capital Paris to graduate from the Faculty of Law in 1879, becoming a skilled lawyer who joined the Bar Association. The most important political figures in the era of the Third Republic. French Foreign Minister George Clemenceau called him the "tiger" after the First World War when Germany again threatened a brutal war and permanent occupation of its territory and moved its army deep in its borders if it failed to pay compensation for its defeat after being accused of starting the war on the mention of allies. He was appointed Minister of Education, Fine Arts and Religion from 1893 to 1895. He also served as prime minister three times in 1912, 1922 and 1926, and in 1912, 1913, 1922, and 1924. He was the northern province of Meuse where he was elected president when he was elected. A deputy in 1887 was keen to urge enthusiasts that his country has an independent share of the oil basins in the countries of France colonialism contributed morally and ideas for the establishment of Total and facilitated all his official capacity and his position to do so.