The Center was established as a Institute for Criminal Research in 1955, which was reorganized by Decree of the President of the Republic by Act No. 221 of 1959. It was named the National Center for Social and Criminal Research and became a public body with an independent personality in 1969.
The Center aims to promote scientific research dealing with social issues related to other components of society and the problems faced by the Egyptian society in order to lay the foundations for rational social policies and contribute to the process of making these policies on a sound scientific basis. To achieve its objectives:
Conduct and conduct research and studies.
Organization of training courses.
Dissemination of research and scientific data and exchange with other scientific bodies.
To express opinions on draft laws on social and criminal matters.
The center is divided into four divisions:
Division of Societies and Social Groups Senior Research Program
Department of rural and desert communities
Department of Urban Communities and New Cities
Department of Population and Social Groups
Research Department of Social Development Institutions and Forces
Department of Mass Communication and Culture.
Department of Public Opinion Research and Measurements.
Department of Education and Manpower.
Crime and Criminal Policy Research Division
Crime Section
Criminal Treatment Section
Division of Chemical Research and Biologics of Social Problems
Crime Detection Section
Department of Drugs
Environment Section