EgyptAir (officially: EgyptAir Airlines) is the Egyptian national airline and a subsidiary of EgyptAir Holding Company, which provides commercial passenger services. Headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, Cairo International Airport is the hub of its operations, fully owned by the Egyptian government, serving more than 80 destinations throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the United States and Australia. Egypt Air is the first airline to operate in the Middle East and the seventh in the world.  Egypt Air employs some 25,000 people between proven employment, annual contracts and daily labor. Egypt Air, Egypt Air is one of the members of the Arab Air Transport Association and joined the Star Alliance, the largest aviation alliance in the world in July 2008. Egypt Air is the second largest air carrier in Africa after South Africa Airlines, Egypt Air is on the go Africa's best airline in 2009 as part of the International Tourism Investment Conference held in Mozambique. The total revenue of the company in the fiscal year 2000 was about $ 1 billion with profits of $ 35 million and a surplus in fiscal year 2007 - about 596 million pounds.