Rolex ( Rolex ) is the name of a Swiss brand specializing in watches and accessories. And is known for the high prices of hours and the price may range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of them. Rolex watches are rich and rich and have become an example of high income, success and wealth for its customers. Rolex has also been a leader in design and fashion for decades.

Rolex was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf of Germany and his brother Alfred Davies, who lived in Britain at the time. They imported Swiss-made watches and put them in luxury boxes made in Britain and sold them to the jewelers, where the jewelers added their names to the imported watches. Wildsdorf and Davies added W & D crafts to the cans sold for the Dye and W & D, the first representing two letters from Wildsdorf and Davies.
In 1908 , Hans-Weldorf recorded the name of the Rolex brand and derived the name remains an unknown secret, although some people believe that the name is derived from the French "horlogerie exquise" meaning carefully selected watches.
In 1912 , Rolex began manufacturing its watch in Switzerland .
In 1915 the company's name changed from Wildsdorf and Davies to Rolex
In 1918, the Rolex headquarters moved from Britain to Geneva in Switzerland
In 1920 Alfred Davies separated from Rolex and remained owned by Hans Weldorf
In 1925 the crown was registered as a trademark of Rolex
In 1960 the inventor of Rolex Hans-Welsdorf died
In 1990, the number of Rolex watches produced since its inception reached 10 million
The achievements and models of Rolex rolled in from 1912 to today

Creativity and innovation  

  • The first water resistant wristwatch company was named "Oyster" in 1926 
  • The first company to manufacture a wrist watch based on a self-shipment system that was commercially traded in 1931
  • The first company to manufacture a hand watch with waterproof cover
  • The first company to manufacture a wristwatch that adds history as well as time on the face of the clock
  • The first company to manufacture a wristwatch showing two different timings on the same face of the clock
  • The first company to manufacture a waterproof wristwatch to a depth of 100 meters, known as "Submariner" in 1953
  • The most important first company obtains a certificate of accreditation for the manufacture of accurate machines to adjust the time

    Rolex watches  

  • The Rolex watches are made of stainless steel known as 904L stainless steel . It is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, but many companies do not deal with this steel for its high price and also for the difficulty of forming and working.
  • Rolex has its own gold foundry that melts the gold it needs to make its watches. It comes in three types: yellow, white and turquoise.
  • All Movement Watch generators are manually assembled for Rolex watches within Rolex factories.
  • Prolex dive watches are checked with water pressure compartments specially designed for this task