Casio Watches

Casio is the world's most famous watch manufacturer. It is a Japanese industry and is known throughout the world for its wonderful hours. It has many different shapes, colors and features.

Omega Watches

Official time officer at the Olympic Games Since 1932, Omega has patented the Co-Axial caliber, which revolutionized the mechanical efficiency recognized by the COSC.

The Master Co-Axial model, which resists magnetic fields on an industrial scale of over 15,000 gauss.

Numerous versions of Omega watches were also used in the James Bond series Seemaster.

TAG Heuer Watches

A Swiss company designs, manufactures and markets watches, fashion, accessories, glasses and mobile phones under the license of other companies that carry the trademark Tag Heuer.

Founded in 1860 by Edward Hoyer in St Emei, Switzerland.

The company was purchased by DeVant Gard Technologies in 1985, when it became the TAG Heuer TAG Heuer.

In 1999, the TAG TAG HUER group sold TAG to the French Luxury Goods Group (LVMH).


Watches Rolex 

The Rolex and Swiss Certified Chronograph is certified by COSC, which is awarded to only 6% of watchmakers in Switzerland with a 99.998% accuracy.

To ensure outstanding performance, hours are tested and subjected to extreme conditions, such as deep ocean, mountain peaks, violent shocks that far exceed traffic accidents.

Swatch Watches

The company specializes in the manufacture of watches and sports and youth and is the leading in this area, but the company's revenues in recent years due to frequent competition, especially the Chinese least expensive and also the reluctance of people to wear watches and interest in technology and smart phones.

Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe is a luxury brand used primarily for self-movements licensed by the Swiss Institute of Certified Chronometer (COSC).

The Swiss brand is known for introducing many innovative complexities, such as the Moonphase Index, the Leap Year Index

(Leap Year Indicator), Rapid Calendar Correction, are all additions to improve accuracy.

Seiko Watches

SICO was founded in 1881 when Kantaro Hattori opened a watch shop in Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan.

Where it is one of the strongest watches brands in the world for its beauty and diversity of forms and colors.

Baume & Mercier Watches

Founded in 1830, it is a subsidiary of the Swiss luxury group Richemont.

Boom & Mercier enjoys international recognition and is one of the top 7 brands of Swiss watches.

Has left its mark on the watch industry since its inception with full commitment to preserving the continuity of this heritage and continue to provide it for future generations.

Tissot Watches

The world's largest watchmaker is known as the Teso distributor as a pioneer in the manufacture of unusual materials.

He was the first to design watches made of plastic, granite, stone and pearls.

The Swiss brand also introduced a tactile watch in 1999, years before the touch screens gained its global reputation. Official time officer for motorcycles, basketball (FIBA), and other major world tournaments.

Watches Breitling

Breitling belongs to a rare few to develop and manufacture all mechanical movements within private workshops.

All models have a certified chronometer.

Breitling uses exclusively super quartz movements (SuperQuartz), which exceed 10 times standard quartz.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Watches

A Swiss brand famous for its luxury watch industry, relies on technology to design and manufacture various watches, including the geophysical chronometer used by Arctic explorers.

Whatever the type of watch, whether the hybrid mechanical clock with the complex gears or the elegant man's watch, every hour Jaeger Lokolter comes embossed in the back with 1000 Hours Control, which means that this watch has undergone 1000 hours Of the test.

Audemars Piguet Watches

Odemars Peugeot is one of the top three giants in the Swiss watch industry.

Previously, it was selling its products to Bulgari, changing its brand and selling it under its own label until 2012.

Known for its luxurious and rustic watches currently represented by the Royal Oak series, the Royal Oak sports range features an octagonal bezel and an exclusive motif called Grande Tapisserie.

Rado Watches

Radu watches are one of Switzerland's most prestigious watch watches. The brand is manufactured in a small town called Lingoja. The most important feature of this brand is the use of precious stones, diamonds, crystal and ceramics.