The stone of Topaz Christala expresses the principles of truth and tolerance, it represents the symbol of chastity, happiness, true friendship and hope. He is believed to be helping to find our true goal and our destiny in life. It is worth mentioning that Topaz crystal is known to have the ability to make us more aware of our thoughts, feelings, actions and their fateful effects. As such, it is able to activate our consciousness and cosmic consciousness. By removing stagnant energy, the Topaz stone directs the body's energy to the places most in need of that energy. Topaz's ability to heal is linked to both spiritual and physical renewal. It alleviates the tension that afflicts the person and promotes feelings of joy and happiness.

The color of the topaz stone

The topaz, as in the purest shape, is a transparent stone. But in nature we rarely find a pure topaz without any impurities. As for the impurities found within the crystalline network of this stone, they are responsible for the various coloring of this stone. As for its colors, the ideal topaz crystals are colored yellow or are the color of vine color. But they are not limited to color; they can also be white, gray, gold, green, blue, pink, reddish, transparent or semi-transparent. In the process of radiation, Topaz can change its color to blue, from light blue to dark, and blue is often electrically different. The golden-yellow topaz is known as the Imperial Topaz. The transparent topaz is often called white or pure topaz.

Topaz stone and its characteristics

An individual can find Topaz in several places around the world such as the Urals in Russia, Afghanistan, the Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Pakistan, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and, of course, in the United States.

This stone is composed of silicates made of aluminum, silicon and fluorine. It crystallizes within a multi-axial group of crystals and often ends in pyramidal forms. The name Topaz is believed to refer to the Greek word meaning one of the ancient islands in the Red Sea - Topazios, which is famous for the yellow stones that were discovered there. These stones are now thought to be precious peridot stones (different from the olivine) Yellow) and not topaz stones at all. In fact, until ancient times, the name Topaz was used to identify any stone from yellow stones.

The history, meaning and healing abilities of Topaz

The topaz is one of the twelve stones found in the cloak of the ancient Hebrew priests. They also believe that the stones in this gown, combined with twelve powerful kings, protect the door of paradise.

Topaz helps to form a practical view when it comes to life in general. He is believed to be able to identify the most practical solutions to any problem or situation.And helps us to cut the distance between the first step and the second step in the course of our daily lives without wasting time. In addition to the assistance he provides us in daily meditation and visualization. Not only in our lives, it can open doors to cosmic energy and give us the courage, the will and the new power to make the necessary changes in our lives. The topaz crystal, especially the high degree of purity and transparency, is the holder of solar and masculine energy. Through its assistance we can open a number of power centers - Chakras and balance them.

The Topaz stone is strong enough to enhance the entire physical body, as it leads to balance, relaxation and clearing of both emotions and thoughts. It also relieves tension and brings happiness. In the spiritual sense, this stone brings love and peace. As a treated stone, it helps those suffering from blood disorders and promotes the meaning of regeneration and helps in the treatment of endocrine problems, blood clots and asthma.

Imperial Topaz Stone

The topaz of dark golden yellow is called the Imperial Topaz. In the Hindu society, wearing an imperial topaz on the heart area symbolizes a long life and is a symbol of beauty and intelligence.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the yellow topaz stone could protect us against all negative thoughts, as they linked the yellow color to the diversity of this stone with the sun god, Ra. In a similar way, the Romans linked the Imperial Topaz with the sun god Jupiter. It was used by the ancient Greeks when they needed to regain their strength and to ensure protection. They believed that the yellow topaz could distinguish the imaginary things on one side and the darker degree of it, the distinction of universal eternity on the other side and closeness to the universe.

The imperial Topaz stone is a highly toned and warm stone. It can help stimulate the mind and stimulate a theoretical way of thinking. It also promotes creativity through all its different levels, from the mental level to the tangible physical forms.

It is a stone in which the meaning of trust and protection is liberating us from vulgar and negative energy, exhaustion and tension. Some believe that the imperial Topaz stone is a great way of securing homes against theft and fire.