The New Administrative Capital, the new future capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a new Egyptian city of the fourth generation cities, located in Cairo Governorate, and it is managed through the Administrative Capital Company for Urban Development. Support and development of the Egyptian economy, which was established in Sharm El-Sheikh from 13 to 15 March 2015, and a contract was signed with the United Arab Emirates to establish it during the conference. The total area of the city is about 170 thousand acres (688 km²), which is larger than the area of Singapore and four times larger than the city of Washington, the capital of the United States of America, about 60 km from Cairo in the east, and about 65 km from the city of Suez in the west. It is planned to accommodate approximately 6.5 million people upon the completion of its entire construction phase. The Administrative Capital was established to alleviate congestion in Cairo, and to be the new capital and the seat of Egypt's rule by the end of June 2022, as the headquarters of the Presidency of the Republic, the Presidency of the Government, the House of Representatives, will be transferred. The Senate, ministries, government bodies and agencies, as well as embassies and consulates of foreign countries, and it will be the financial center of Egypt, where the financial and business district is located, which will include the regional headquarters and offices of major Egyptian and international companies and banks. For example, the strategic headquarters of the state, the City of Arts and Culture, the Egyptian International City for the Olympic Games, the City of Knowledge, and the Green River, which will extend for more than 35 km, making it the largest six times F from Central Park in New York City.