The opal stone is a metal of low-temperature minerals and is often found in the cavities of the earth's crust or cracks. The conditions of its existence are that water must be available throughout the area where it is present. The water enters the chemical structure. The opal stone is a form of silica, silicon dioxide , Mixed with a molecule of water molecules. The name Opal is probably derived from the Latin expression (opalus). When using this stone, the person should consider that it can easily become dry under the influence of heat or if exposed to chemicals and that it may also become very porous.

The opal stone is one of the most visually attractive stones among precious stones due to its relative scarcity and the existence of some of the differences that distinguish it from others. The exceptional characteristics of opal are of great value to the therapists and specialists in crystal science who are recently testing it for inclusion in their group Of crystals of healing and meditation. For those in the metaphysical community, the Opal stone is not very popular for them, at least not in our time.

Color and other physical properties of the Opal stone

The main opal stone colors are white, pink, red, blue and purple. In addition, these stones may also be brown and orange. Opal stones are usually relatively small and have a glass glow. The distinctive opal color produces the interference of light falling on it. On this basis, black opal stones are the rarer stones and therefore the most valuable. Some of these transparent stones can mimic the beauty of the black opal stone because it is not entirely black - as the name suggests - but darker in color when compared to the typical white opal. White opal stones are often not relatively expensive.

The dark impurities that are composed of red or pink dots on the stone surfaces can be very bright and have a glimpse of light that can not be matched by other stones, even diamond stones. Where the Opal stone is usually accompanied by unusual patterns. It can often be priced at the price of precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones. The best quality of Black Opal is extracted from the cities of Lightning Edge and New South Wales.The places where the stone is most concentrated are in Australia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Canada and Honduras.

Industrial Opal Stone

The stone can be made in a laboratory (either with the same structure or modified in some way), where it is common for the individual to find many types of opal that are produced industrially in the markets at present. So be careful about picking jewelry from opal stones. The opal stone is sometimes called the double or triple opal stone. For the double opal, it is a thin sheet of original opal affixed to a black holder, and, for example, on a black Onyx stone. The triangular opal is essentially a binary with transparent glass or a layer of quartz. There are already laboratories for the installation of opal stones, which are difficult to detect with the untrained eye, and are very close to a form of natural opals. In other cases, it is common for humans to find metals similar to natural opals.

Fire Opal Stone

Fire obelisks are a special type of opal. The origin of the name comes from a fiery red color that is not produced by any pattern of flash or light interaction.You can find this type of stone with a variety of colors ranging from yellow to orange to dark red. Most of the fire opal today comes from Mexico and is usually not as expensive as other types of original opal, while other opal properties may be more or equal.

Characteristics of metaphysical opal and its meaning

Opal is a stone in which the meanings of protection, sincerity and loyalty are said to be able to enhance the vision and creativity. Like the Malachite stones, Opal is one of the high-frequency spiritual gemstones. As such, it can be used in a wide range of applications on physical levels as well as higher levels of the cosmic. Some say that opals can absorb and reinforce their thoughts and feelings.

In the past, the meaning of opal was not positive and was largely due to superstition and was considered a symbol of bad luck. It was believed that opals could give the holder hidden powers; therefore, he acquired a bad habit as an entree for thieves. The opals were hated in the Middle Ages because of the similarities between them and the eyes of the "evil" animals. As a result, this beautiful stone was used to arouse fear among the beholders.

Opal Jewelry

Despite these negative connotations, opal is an excellent stone to dispel both positive and negative energy, but it requires careful treatment during metaphysical practice. If you try to learn how to meditate with this stone, it can also make it challenging for you. Therefore, if you want to practice meditation based on one of the appropriate stones that urge you to do so, we recommend that you buy the stone that helps you to do this and push your body to cleanse, purify, and regain energy. Opal stones can be used as a tool to explore unresolved emotional problems of the past. The Opal Stone is the birthstone of October.

In the field of crystal therapy, the properties of metaphysical ovals can be very useful in dealing with gastrointestinal problems, and can also stimulate the functioning of the stomach properly.