Pearl stones are organic stones that are naturally formed in nature on a limited scale. Most of the pearl stones currently present in gemstone shops are industrial. They are produced by the introduction of a special substance called the nucleus, which is being developed in laboratories for better results. And more quality. The nucleus, also called the seed, is introduced into the oyster or mussel body to stimulate the growth of the pearl around it. In addition, special farms are made to increase the number of oysters on a large scale for commercial use and harvesting of pearl stone.

Pearl stones are found in many colors based on the quality of oysters. The most common species are the Akoya pearls, which are native to Japan and China, where their natural color is white, sometimes processed to look black or dark blue. This type of oyster is characterized by the "Akoya" pearl stone with a uniformity and being similar to a woman because of its glistening gloss. In today's world of gemstone trade, pearl stone of this type is produced in medium size in China, while it is produced in large size in Japan.

Pearl stones of unusual colors include the South Sea White Pearl and the Golden South Sea Pearl. White sea pearls are usually formed on the west coast of Australia, while the golden sea pearls originate in the Philippines and Indonesia.The Pearl of the South Sea is characterized by its large size and scarcity. One of the most common species is the Tahitian pearl, known as the "black pearl", which is attributed to the famous Tahiti Island in the Pacific Ocean along with a number of other French and Polynesian islands. Ranging from green to blue, red, gold and black, which appeared in the shops in the mid-nineties, and steadily increasing their demand over time for its wonderful appearance.

The most abundant source of pearls is freshwater mussels, mussels can produce up to 50 pearls (all other pearl stones come from saltwater oysters that are produced from pearl to three per conch). However, the type of freshwater is less attractive than in salty water because it produces stones with dimensions similar to those of potato. However, with the development of artificial pearl production, freshwater pearls can have a place among other types of high quality. Freshwater pearls are distinguished by its various natural colors such as white, pink, violet, and sometimes even blue, such as "Akoya pearls". This type is usually painted in black, which gives an impression of elegance and luxury.

It is rare to encounter a piece of pearl stone unless it is made in algaleb. This is due to the high price of pearls and its scarcity, where one pearl is usually used in jewelry. Old-fashioned pearls can be of great value because of their originality and phenomenal history as natural.

Pearl stone is at its highest value when it is near perfect. Other factors include oyster quality, color, surface quality, size and thickness. When used in the manufacture of contracts or luxury chains must be prepared with the utmost professionalism and take into account the match of stones as much as possible, especially in the case of certain decorations. The pearl can be trimmed using custom tools to become as circular as possible during preparation.


Pearl stones are one of the most sought after stones in the Levant and Morocco by collectors of precious stones and even amateurs. Historically, it has been the focus of attention for kings and high-ranking officials in the community. It has been worn by many famous figures such as King Henry VIII and Coco Chanel The leading French fashion designer. While the figures who wore the pearls were manufactured Princess Diana and Princess Elizabeth, who were wearing pearl pearl factory called the name of Labergerina and that the stone broke two records for sale for 11,842,500 dollars in 2011.

It is worth mentioning that the pearl stone was mentioned in addition to the coral stone in the Holy Quran and was also mentioned in the Bible, and despite the huge history of this stone is within the reach of many groups currently and can get any person to the natural pearls for the amount of Is estimated at less than ten thousand dollars while artificial stones can be obtained for more moderate amounts.

Pearl stone for weddings and holidays

One of the favorite things about pearl stone is that it is suitable for wearing all kinds of clothing, whether it is wearing formal clothes or just a simple t-shirt.

There are a number of different designs of pearls from different manufacturers to suit the taste of each individual, pearl stones come in many colors and sizes consistently consistent as jewelry as well as it holds the authenticity of one of the natural stones that have not been formed or changed stages. Where they are worn as they are.

Today, both rolling pearls and their history represent something unique to jewelers around the world.