Abbas Abbas stone stone semi-precious and classified within one of the best-selling stones in the Arab world, has sold a great appetite among the peoples of the Arab countries, especially in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. The stone is characterized by its diversity of colors and the most famous unique degrees of green to blue and black color, and is dimmed not light, which is one of the features that are identified by it.

The Abbas Abbas stone is characterized by its durability and durability for long periods of time. Its strength is seven degrees on the Mohs scale, which is a high grade compared to other semi-precious stones. Jewelry and amulets decorated with Abbasabad stones have been found in good condition for hundreds of years. Which also refers to the belief of some ancient peoples in the spiritual capacities and characteristics of this stone.

This stone is extracted mainly from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran alongside the State of India, and has gained the name "Abbasabad" in relation to an area known to Iran by that name. There have been many beliefs about the benefits of this stone to the owner, especially in the expulsion of souls, which earned him popularity and popularity among many in the Arab world.

It is noteworthy that Abbas Abbas stone in its name, type or class is known only in the Arab countries and close to the Arabian Gulf, which is unknown in Western countries only on the basis of chemical composition is geological or in the science of gems is only one of the thousands of other types of stones Semi-precious.

Beliefs about the stone of Abbasabad

The stone of Abbasabad is believed to contain powerful abilities to help eliminate magic, negative energy and sorcery, as well as problems related to marriage and fertility. In addition to the fact that many spiritual specialists carry that stone believing in the ability to get rid of the elves and evil spirits.

According to these beliefs, that stone for those who doubt the existence of life or the charm or charm has been one of the first options to immunize themselves and get rid of the evil surrounding them, whether it was worn as a seal encrusted with Abbasabad stone or pendant or amulet or even carrying As a polished stone. The original Abbasabad stones are said to have the ability to magnetize iron and their black-colored species are the most effective.

Some write and engrave some ancient phrases on the stone of Abbasabad or develop symbols related to magic in the belief that this will increase the effectiveness and strength of the stone on the user. Not only that, but some also ask for the inscription of verses or a short wall of the Koran believing them in the same thing.

So do not be surprised if you see some strange inscriptions and symbols on that stone because most of those who are the people are believers in spirituality and specialists in that area.

It should be noted here that all the beliefs about the capabilities of Abbas Abbasabad and its benefits are mere speculation and legends transmitted by members of some peoples have no scientific basis is true.