Christopher Columbus, an Italian traveler who credits him with the discovery of the new world (americas). Born 12 in Genoa, Italy. He arrived in the Caribbean in October 1492, but his discovery of north American territory was on his second voyage in 1498.

The senate of Italy rejected his offer, and English king Henry vii rejected it, so Columbus turned to king barcadia and sent for him.

I know that the existence of such a route is real proof of the earth's whirlwind and the ease with which this theories can be proved. He sailed continuously westward, reaching the eastern country across the ocean into the second hemisphere. But if you send scouts onshore from the hemisphere in which you are located, the countries that were reached are only the east.

He promised several attempts at 1492 a.m., the Spanish Catholic Kings (fernando ii of aragon and Isabella I of sapphire) signed with Christopher an agreement stating that Columbus, as a discover of islands and continents in the sea and ocean, "in view of the foregoing, would be conferred the rank of prince of the seas" and the oceans as a royal decision applicable in all the country.

What is now called the Bahamas were discovered in October, but they were called the island of SAN "salvado," and their original name was "guanahani."

Colomis believed that he had made his way to the so-called India Gaul and made a successful trip, where he was able to bring in copper gold and own several of the islands called 10:49 PM v.

Later, new islands have been discovered, including the modern Antilles, and later the Caribbean sea from the southern side of Cuba. All in order to decode it from India.

Jamaica and many other islands of the east American continent arrived in May 1494. Thus, Columbus arrived at the most important discoveries and the most important new maritime routes, new maps and charts were drawn up, all of which never occurred to him that he had not arrived India , And he's on this trip discovered North America.

Christopher Columbus died in 1506 , America discovered the new world but named after another person, americo facebook, who argued that Christopher Columbus did not arrive in India but arrived in the new world in 1507.