After reviewing article 14 of the sublime order issued on November 14th 1885 AD in relation to Egyptian currency and in consideration of the current affairs especially the existence of a great number of armies in Egypt which resulted in an increase in the demand of silver coins revealing the circulating amount is not sufficient to fulfill the requirement . As a great amount of silver coins sent to Egypt has been lost on route ( the sinking of a ship carrying silver coins from London to Egypt ) and a long span of time might pass until new coins arrive in the country 

For the afore mentioned reasons the government has seen it necessary to temporarily arrange for circulating coins by using the Indian government silver coins known as the rupee of which there is a large amount in the Ministry of Treasury according to what the Minister of Treasury has presented to us and after the approval of the cabinet of Ministers we have decreed the following 

-The Indian silver rupee will have a legal value in Egypt like the Egyptian silver coins which is on a temporary basis until the issuance of another decree 

-The value of the rupee is specified at 65 milliemes of the Egyptian pounds 

Issued at Abdeen Palace on Gamadi Al-Awal 2nd 1334 AH / March 6th 1916 AD