After the beginning of the first World War 1914 AD Great Britian declared Egypt a British Protectorate and deposed Khedive Abbas Helmy II ( the last Khedive ) and appointed as Sultan on December 19th 1914 AD the eldest of the princes of the Muhammad Ali dynasty at the time who was Prince Hussein Kamel the Khedive's uncle . Egypt thus became a Sultanate and free of Ottoman suzerainty but at the same time under British rule . Sultan Hussein Kamel is the first Egyptian Sultan in modern times

Hussein Kamel ( a compound name ) was the son of Ismail son of Ibrahim son of Muhammad Ali Pasha he was the second son of Khedive after his brother Muhammad Tewfik . He was born in 1853 AD and was the only Prince of the Mohammed Ali dynasty to be appointed to several ministerial posts he had been Minister of Education of Awqaf of the Interoir of the public Works of the Navy and Army of finance and was Head of the Consultative and legal Council in 1910 AD . During his reign the word for cabinet changed from ' nizarah ' to the modern ' wizarah ' which the first was headed by Hussein Rushdy  Pasha it was a time concerned with titles ranks and decorations so the Sultan granted more of these to high officials for personal  gains . During his reign coins were minted inscribed by the year and the denomination  in Arabic digits alongside the Indian ones for the first time . Sultan Hussein Kamel survived two attempts for assassination and died on October 9th 1917 at the age of 64