Before the unification of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia when it was a number of regions by Abdul Aziz Al-Saud the currencies circulating in those scattered regions Arab and foreign currencies some of them are gold like the sterling pound the Ottoman pound and the Egyptian pound and other . Other currencies were silver like the Austrian Riyal ( Marie Therese ) the ottoman Riyal and the Egyptian Riyal the Indian Rupi and others . This was due to the lack of resources of king Abdul Saud and being busy unifying those regions he couldn't issue special currencies so those Arab and foreign currencies remained in circulation for a long time . But to get some legitimacy the state has stamped them with two stamps pertaining to the most important regions the sign of Najd referring to the Sultanite of Najd and the stamp of Hijaz referring to the Kingdom of Hijaz . It is known that Abdul Aziz Al-Saud Sultan of Najd was pronounced king of Hijaz in 1926 and one year after in 1927 AD pronounced himself king of Najd instead of Sultan thus becoming king of the Kingdom of Hijaz Najd and their peripheries . Some of the currencies in circulation were stamps with the stamp of Najd and Hijaz but we don't know any of these except for the Austrain Riyal ( Marie Therese ) . On the 21st of Jamady El-Awal 1351 AH/September 22nd 1932AD it was decided to name the kingdom ' Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ' instead of ' Kingdom of Hijaz Najd and their extensions and the official title of king Abdul Aziz became king of Saudi Arabia . We will show here some Egyptian coins stamped with the seal of Najd and that of Hijaz