Al-Findakly or Al-Funduky is an old Egyptian and Turkish gold coin minted in Egypt and Constantinople following the style of Italian Venetian in terms of fineness . The reason for this name Findakly is the strong resemblance in terms of the gold fineness quality with Italian Venetian or Bondoki . Al-Findakly is different from the Venetian or Bondoki in terms of shape weight price and minting location . Ali Pasha Mubarak mentioned that these coins were known in Constantinople by the name Fundaky yet known in Egypt by the name Findakly . Al-Findakly used to increase or decrease in weight or fineness depending on time and place . In Egypt there was old Findakly and new Findakly and each had a different price . At the end of Sultan Abdul-Hamid in 1203AH / 1789 AD Al-Findakly minting stopped in Egypt