Etienne Aigner was founded in Germany , by Etienne Aigner in 1949, the company began its activity with the design and manufacture of leather bags, so Etienne Aigner launched its first set of bags in New York under the name Mandi, and adopted for this group the dark red color. The group met with great success, and from that time, the dark red color became the color of the Aigner brand.Aigner also chose the company's simple logo, which represented a small horseshoe, relying on simplicity, modernity and keeping pace with youth and the future, while adopting the distinctive orange color of his logo. In a short period, Aigner was able to be one of the first and most important companies in the leather and handbags industry, and was able to enter into new industries and designs and distinguished it as making cigarette lighters, silk scarves, keys and men's and women's clothing, jewelry as well as perfumes. Aigner went through her first experiments in perfumery in 1975, and she used the Etienne Aigner style to choose names, and to package them with leather. Aigner today possesses about 42 perfumes bearing its trademark, the most recent was in the year 2015, Aigner collaborated in the production of perfumes with the Spanish company Bouygues to launch the perfume perfume in the year 2011. Aigner currently represents a symbol of quality, perfection and sophistication, it is an ideal mix of discipline and elegance.