A lighthouse or lighthouse is a tower or building located near the beach or at sea .The first lighthouse in history is the lighthouse of Alexandria on the Mediterranean .

The Romans built famous lighthouses in Ostia, Ravenna, Messina and on the banks of the Channel in France and England.Not one of them remains.One old lighthouse is located on the mouth of the Gironde, which was rebuilt in the late 16th century and the Boston Lighthouse, whose main tower was built in 1716.

White grease, fuel coal and oil lamps were used to illuminate lighthouses until the 19th century, which saw the construction of the first lighthouse in history, the old Port Said Lighthouse or Port Said Lighthouse on the Mediterranean , built in 1869. The English used electricity to light the lighthouses in 1858. Many beacons, including lighting quickly in a circular line and sirens and sound reflection have been used three systems in lighting beacons, namely:

A light reflection system in which the mirror reflects light rays from which parallel rays can be seen from a distance.

A light reflection system in which the rays pass through the glass of the sight and break when they enter and exit it.

A system of reflection and refraction of light in which the rays reflected and broken.

The first beacons were abandoned after the human knowledge of the radio waves and his invention of radar .